Public Webinar: Dynamic Pricing for Small Hotels

Public Webinar: Dynamic Pricing for Small Hotels

Public Webinar: Dynamic Pricing for Small Hotels

Do yesterday’s prices fit tomorrow’s guests? Is a dynamic pricing strategy just for the big guys or for the smart ones?

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Date: September 2, 2021
10.00 to 11.00 a.m.

Contents of the webinar

Hotel products have a huge reach with hard-hitting distribution. Instead of printing and mailing an annual price list, rates for a wide variety of guest groups can be digitally placed on the shelf where the guest is looking for them. The more diverse the guest wishes, the broader the new rates should be. A value system is the basis of the strategy, and unexpected fluctuations in demand should be cushioned by dynamic pricing.

For implementation in practice, up-to-date software and a well-trained team are a prerequisite. Those who do not face up to these opportunities are giving away cash and risking their own profitability because the competition is expanding its market share.

  • Turnover is not “God-given”. Playing with guest requests, occupancy and rates pays directly into better profitability.
  • Instead of annual price lists, dynamic pricing.
  • How does the price become a product and the price increase become a marketing campaign, and why does the guest have to like the rate?
  • The right infrastructure determines success! What does it include?


Target audience:

Owners, directors, professionals and managers of hotels who want to optimize their pricing and sales strategy.

Price per participant: 99 € plus VAT.

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