Distribution with effect, the skilful multi-channel sale

Distribution with effect, the skilful multi-channel sale

 Objectives and contents of the seminar or webinar

If the website and the direct booking are optimally arranged, it is time to look for perfect sales partnerships.

Many hotels are on the issue of dealing with their sales partners with one foot on the gas and the other on the ”brake pedal”. The seminar shows how to select the right sales partners and which strategy generates your “fair share” from worldwide distribution. An essential part of the successful distribution is a clever price strategy, which increases your market and gets the optimum from existing demand.

The digital hotel distribution has become complex. How can small and medium-sized hotels create a technical and personal infrastructure that reflects and manages this complexity?

  • After the technology comes the strategy with which measures you build your success in the distribution. Selection of distribution partners, how do they differ?
  • The trend goes to the second channel manager – for which locations and operating types they are useful.
  • Meta search engines convert from the CPC (cost per click) to the instant booking provider. What does that mean? For which hotels does it make sense to follow this route?
  • What do you need to consider when setting up sales partner portals? Which settings primarily use the sales partner and which of your bookings?
  • Meeting rooms are now also booked online in real time. What makes MeetingMarket by Expedia, why should the real-time booking be implemented on its own website. And how does it work?

Target group: All hotel managers responsible for the development of sales. Marketing, e-business, revenue management, sales, and reservation.

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