What does the consultation, lecture, seminar or webinar cost?
Your expenditure – so that you get a first idea!

Most projects can be handled on the basis of hourly or daily fees and, if desired, on a flat-rate basis. In some months you really save because in certain times my workload is lower. Yes, consultants also have very different demand times, limited capacities and therefore a revenue management strategy. It’s clear….

Price per day for consultancy projects, analyses, face-to-face workshops and seminars:
January, February, July, August and December: 1.690 € (per hour 215)
March, April, May, June, September, October, November: 1.790 € (per hour 224)

Live Webinars – Preparation and implementation for your team only
60 minutes webinar: 590,00 €
90 minutes webinar 790,00 €
(for standard webinars incl. topic coordination, if necessary adaptation to your initial situation and type of participants, software for using the live webinar). We are happy to offer complete new concepts – on request.

For Key Notes we charge:

Up to 100 participants:         1,990 €
over 100 participants:      2,490 €

The individual offer decides:

As well as for the optimal coordination with the client and adaptation of the content of seminars, workshops and lectures to your target group between 600 and 1.200 €. If arrival, departure and lecture are not possible on the same day, we reserve the right to increase the fees. Travel expenses will be charged within the usual limits. All prices are exclusive of VAT.