In-house seminar: Hybrid events – this is how it works!

We can also do hybrid! This is how conference hotels and venues prepare their teams for hybrid requirements of event clients.

Corona has changed a lot. One impact is the dramatically rapid rise of virtual or hybrid events. Some studies expect 30 to 50% of all events to be hybrid in the future. Rightly so, many event space providers are looking to expand their services and offer expertise and technology for hybrid events.

This seminar provides the basic knowledge on hybrid events. Participants will understand the goals and requirements of clients, even though they themselves may not yet have grasped the complexities.

The contents in detail:

  • Why are events becoming hybrid? Goals and expectations of hybrid events? What are the advantages and disadvantages of analogue, hybrid and digital events?
  • Which hybrid formats are already taking place? Which event type fits which goals?
  • How can I check my chances as a provider of hybrid basics before making significant investments?
  • Small and simple to complex and multi-layered – which technical and supervisory support fits which format?
  • Conceptualisation is key – what questions do you need to ask the client?
  • Video conference camera, smartboard or digital event agency – many paths lead to the goal – which should a modern location support?
  • Consulting and sales process for a successful realisation and implementation of digital & hybrid events.
  • How should services for hybrid events be marketed?

This seminar is particularly suitable as an in-house seminar for locations and conference hotels. The contents will be adapted to your initial situation and goals.


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