Cyberattacken abwehren

Fend off cyber threats

Defend against cyber threats

Cyberattacks are more common (and usually more expensive) than traditional burglary. Most hotels are probably insured against classic theft, and video cameras and security locks are designed to prevent break-ins. But what about the IT landscape? In 2022, approximately 85,000 (Austria just over 6,000) burglaries of houses and apartments were reported in Germany, and at the same time 120,000 (Austria 60,000!) cybercrime cases were reported. In addition to specialist knowledge, permanent vigilance and speed of reaction are therefore required. Because the cyber world is constantly on the move: Hackers are attacking more and more individually to obtain sensitive data and extort ransom.

The topics:

  • What are cyber threats?
  • How realistic are cyberattacks against small and medium-sized businesses?
  • The most important measures to protect against cyberattacks.
  • What information do hotel employees need to get? What is a ransomware attack, how do you recognize phishing emails?
  • Exemplary cases from practice, how it was possible to place malware on the computers and servers in the hotel.
  • What do entrepreneurs have to consider from the perspective of the GDPR in case of data theft?

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