70% of all travellers start their search on the internet.
More than 50% bookings are done online.
More and more bookings are done with a smartphone.
The customer is looking for his or her rate online.


Is your house optimally prepared for this fact?

Are you getting your “fair share” from the electronic distribution? Does your revenue management and pricing strategy optimize your utilization & price? Or does your company not reach important markets at all because your hotel is not in the right “shelf” or was not adequately decorated?


Gabriele Schulze is an expert on:

  • Distribution – Ensure coverage through powerful distribution an strengthen direct sales at the same time.
  • Revenue Management & Price Strategy (for small and large hotels, for leisure and business hotels and also for the conference market).
  • Internet – and Online Marketing, with a strong website as the heart of your online activities and well measured conversion results
  • Assessment and complaints management (review management) as an important part of social media marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing – or even guest loyalty and advertising with the help of social networks.
  • Customer loyalty instruments – segmentation and creation of clear standards.
  • Marketing and sales controlling– in particular the control of exploding sales costs is our concern.


Want more details?

Online better bookable:

The optimal technical infrastructure for the digital guest to find and book your property.

Your Website as a bestseller:

Strategy search engine visibility (Google to be found better) search engine and meta-search market: More (real) visitors and visits will be booked and bought.  More…..

Optimize prices strategically:

Whoever clears the business adapted revenue management strategy, gives away profit! The transparent market does not forgive any mistakes and the profit is in the good price and only second place in good utilization… More…

Where can we help you? How can you work with us?

  1.  Gabriele Schulze marketing4results as a consultant and coach.  This is a project assignment. Analysis, recommendations  or concept. If you like implementation support.
  2. Gabriele Schulze marketing4results as external marketing, revenue management, and distribution department.
  3. Gabriele Schulze marketing4results as a coach and supporter of your own team.


Contact us: We listen and go out.