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Webinar or seminar: we can also do hybrid!

Here’s how to prepare your teams and your technical offerings for new demands in the meetings market.

Zoom Webinar 4 hours with max. 10 participants interaction, group work and lecture.
Or face-to-face seminar: 4 to 6 hours with max. 15 participants interaction, group work and lecture.

The contents in detail :

According to a recent study by the German Convention Bureau, more than 40% of meeting organizers plan to hold hybrid meetings in the future. This can mean that only a part of the conference participants will still come to the conference hotel and the rest will join them online. Or that the participants are present, but the speakers are streamed. What developments are emerging? Will customers bring the software, cameras and microphones? Or which customers are looking for venues that do this work for them and offer complete solutions?

And what do these technical solutions look like? What is suitable for small, medium or large events?

Even more detailed:

  • Livestream, webcast, webinar – a brief explanation of terms.
  • How important will hybrid meetings become, what do you have to be prepared for?
  • What concepts are there, how well should meeting hotels advise customers?
  • How can I check my chances as a provider of hybrid basics before significant investments are made?
  • Which technical solution approaches make sense to “offer yourself”?
  • How do you need to market your hybrid offerings? What consulting skills should your MICE sales team possess?
  • How helpful are smartboards and what exactly do your customers actually do with them?
  • What tools should meeting hotels use to support the customer journey?

Send an e-mail to gs@marketing4results.de to request an individual offer.

Here’s how to prepare professionally for a webinar.

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