Congress moderation with whistle, humour, and charm

As an experienced moderator of professional congresses, conferences, or panel discussions, Gabriele Schulze is particularly well-suited for congress organizers.

She is well-versed in the topics of digitization, marketing, sales and corporate management and is very experienced in dealing with decision-makers from politics and business.

Services include:

  • Consultation on the content and content of the conference or congress. Also for the use of interactive elements.
  • Searching or coordinating with the speakers how a suitable topic introduction and presentation can be carried out in a sparkling and appropriate manner.
  • Creation of a target group-specific and content-oriented moderation concept. Very fond of interactive elements, in order to make active participants and active co-creators out of passive listeners.
  • Conduct the overall moderation and moderation of panel discussions or disputes, as well as interviews with specialists.
  • Integration of the participants through social media, SMS, and inquiry services.
  • Consultation and mediation on the use of artists, special forms of visualization and creation of emotions, which are remembered positively.

Please contact us, preferably before your congress program is finalized.

Tips for the organizers of conferences, congresses, panel discussions:

  • Put your best speakers in the morning, first, after lunch and as the last speaker of the day.
  • Less experienced speakers should also be given less time and not be the first, the last or the after – lunch speaker.
  • Plan between the speakers at least 10 minutes for a professional review or cancellation and the introduction of the topic for the next lecture.
  • Invest in accompanying technology and experienced congress technicians.
  • Professional moderation allows between the speeches a relaxation time for listeners and the one or the other laughter.
  • Plan a humorous and relaxing speech, the participants will thank you.
  • Read the 10 tips as a lecture, ensure it is not boring.

The fastest way to professional moderation of your business congress: Contact us.