Social Media Marketing- Exploit opportunities and manage risks

The times when a company, an organization, or a person publish a homepage / website and do everything they could to make it possible for potential or existing customers or partners to consume the information published there is finally over in times of the social web.

  • Guest an customers become authors.
  • Transmitters from receivers
  • Guests are restaurant critics
  • Customers become quality auditors who publish their test results in their “communities” or networks.
  • Customers are resellers

Social Web activities cannot be separated from other marketing, communication, or sales activities, but you can add them very sensibly. Each company should examine for itself which goals can be effectively and measurably supported with activities on the social web.

You will find the following support:

  • Formulation of marketing objectives, selection of strategies and tactics
  • Support for implementation
  • Implementation of structured evaluation management, selection of supporting software (assessment assistant). Monitoring implementation.
  • Training and coaching of employees to answer evaluations.