The new marketing for meeting hotels and venues! What day-to-day business!

 The conference package A & B (or small and XXL) has served. Likewise, more organizers are scrutinizing parliamentary seating. New bookings in real-time and online demand a radical rethink. Revenue management in the conference segment is finally supported by modern software. The offer per PDF is going to the museum for extinct communication media.

Is “meeting” really the right term for the “people meeting” of the future? Barcamps and other interactive formats replace lecture events, and the role between stage and listeners increasingly blurs. Participants and speakers can be present in person or participate in a webcast or live stream from any place. Are meeting rooms, rectangular rooms with parliamentary seating, beamer and screen as the most important technical equipment still contemporary in this environment?

Those who understand the change processes can actively shape them and adapt to new requirements in time and even reach an important demarcation from the competition.

You will find the following support:

  • Analysis and recommendations for your current sales and order acceptance processes
  • Selection and implementation of suitable tools such as Web Booking Engines.
  • Support for process change.
  • Design of up-to-date products for interactive and hybrid events.
  • Training and coaching for these areas.