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Content marketing and MICE marketing – two that perfectly fit each other

Content marketing and MICE marketing – two that perfectly fit each other


A “target group from time to time” is hard to achieve

How many persons are there alone in the German-speaking market that book meetings, seminars, Christmas parties or other events? And how many do not do this on a full-time basis, but only from time to time. 100,000, 300,000 or maybe even 1 million? Among them are many, who still do not know in June, that they need to organize a sales meeting or a customer event in September. This large number of persons is almost impossible to reach through classic marketing, sales, and outside measures (direct marketing, telesales or personal sales). How do you want to arouse the interest of someone who still does not know, that he has soon a demand? However, when that person starts to search according to the idea, the concept, and in the end even the location, then your offer should be findable. With creative content in the relevant MICE portals, that naturally with an extensive content and again and again, using the same terms and continuous updating is somewhat easier to obtain a high visibility in Google.

Most people organize only a few weddings and need tips

Another nice example that describes this problem from a sales perspective, is the marketing for wedding locations. How many people get to know each other, fall in love, and plan to get married this year? We know that there are approximately 400,000 marriages in Germany per year. A year before this perfect meeting, these persons and their mothers will have hardly any interest in your wedding newsletter. The interest comes spontaneously, also for the participantsJ… and now it means being in the so-called customer journey (on the virtual journey of the customers on the way to the fitting location) to be present everywhere, where the search leads the interested persons. Often it is first Google, then maybe a marriage advisor or a wedding portal, and if you make a very good content marketing, it is perhaps also your website. At least when Google “indexes” your company and your team as real experts for weddings.

Premises, conference package, and everyone knows technology

Unfortunately, hardly any traffic worth mentioning is generated anymore with the classic content, that besides you, 5,000 other conference hotels and 3,000 other special locations for events are offered by Google and other search engines; unless the interested party already knows your location and has discovered it while visiting your Sunday brunches and noticed the demo table for romantic weddings in the middle of the lobby (hidden sales tip!).

But when you do not show up at all under the first five names, that the bridal couple, friends or parents-in-law first think of, you must convince first Google and then the potential customers. Namely through special, unique, specific target group content. These contents give helpful answers to the various questions posed by your potential customers.


Here are already good examples for different questions, that the various hosts have already presented with very professional content:

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The hotel Ifenblick in Balderschwang has the answers:



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