The best motivation speech on tourism day

The best motivation speech on tourism day


To understand, how a perfect motivation speech or a good keynote looks on a tourism day, you must understand the goals and the before and after. And make the speeches and content of a tourism day a part of an extensive plan of action. An extensive action plan, which describes the touristic destination (city, region, state) on its path from “here we are” to “that’s where we want to go”.

Tourism days are usually carried out by the tourism organizations on a regional or federal state level. The objectives of tourism days are usually:

  • To inform the members of the touristic value chain (from the host, about the amusement park up to the local economy) about the planned or ongoing marketing and quality assurance measures.
  • To motivate the touristic entrepreneurs of the region or of the State and to actively work on the set topics and on the agreed objectives. A touristic region works just much better when all the players pull on the same rope. This works best of all when they all have a similar knowledge base and act out of the same convictions.

And here the tourism days come into play. No other form of communication has this potential for making persuasive efforts, knowledge transfer and the call for the motivation to act. It is necessary to succeed so that the tourism day leads the participants to roll up their sleeves and motivate them to do their part in order to achieve common goals.


At the beginning is the transfer of knowledge

Only those who know can also take action. Many destination management or tourist offices have recognized this a long time ago, just like convention bureaus did. Their destination is only as strong as the members of the tourism value chain. Of course, many of you think in the first place about the hosts. Hoteliers, owners of holiday parks, camping places, and holiday apartments, of course, also restaurateurs and the amusement parks, swimming pools, thermal baths, mini-golf facilities, etc. More and more taxi drivers, retailers, and even the local economy are taken into consideration.


The fitting motivational speech depends on the mix of participants and the goals of the tourism organization. As your participants are frequently the practical type, they have not much use for theoretical models, it is important that the presentation meets these requirements:

  • Entertaining, understanding and provided with good “storytelling”.
  • With many real examples that inspire and help to leave out well-trodden paths.
  • Not preaching, but on an equal footing and always appreciative of the listener’s performance.

Examples of objectives of the destination and a suitable motivation speech by Gabriele Schulze:

The target of the organization/destination:

Development of the event business, marketing the congress venues or trade-fair companies

The suitable motivational speech:
The host gene.

  • Which trends determine the development and what dangers threaten the conference market?
  • Why organizers of conferences or events search for the special location and always for a good story? New concepts and services are in demand, new formats must be promoted because the effect of a personal meeting can hardly be outdone – but the rigid event formats and room concepts of the past are no longer up-to-date.
  • What is field marketing competence and how can different industries in combination with special locations have a pull to a destination?
  • How can and should the members of the tourism value chain support the attractiveness as an event location? Each part of the puzzle counts.


The target of the organization/destination

The increase of the digital competency of the provider. If the visibility and bookability or marketability of all the small and big providers increases (from the hiking guide to the Congress Hall), then the total visibility and bookability of the destination increases.

The suitable motivational speech:
This is how online marketing works today. Sales strategies for the digital guest.

Sophisticated web booking engines, voucher platforms, table reservations – and modern content management systems allow the hosts and other professional players and above all measurable marketing opportunities to fight for the guest and the optimal way of booking. These topics belong to the necessary competencies of small and large companies. Outsourcing without know-how and controlling go wrong most of the time.
This is what it is about:

  • This is how you will be booked. Sales strategies for the digital guest. Without the proper infrastructure, it does not work. If the basis is set up, there is no limit to the imagination.
  • Why most of the web booking engines are not worth their money? What are the requirements you must have for a strong selling and modern software for online booking?
  • What measures effectively strengthen the direct sale, which mortal sins must be omitted?
  • What role does social media marketing really play and what examples are there of successful content marketing?

Be careful when briefing your speakers

When you brief your speaker, do not forget to describe your actual goals. As the beautiful expression goes: The prophet has no honor in his own country. A good motivational speech of an outside expert must effectively help to open your eyes, make you think out of the box, and make you seize immediately your own opportunities.

A good motivational speech moves the participants, takes away their fears and motivates them to act.


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