Digitization / E-Business

E-Business (also eBusiness) is the integrated execution of all automated business processes of a company (also hotels) by means of information and communication technology. Have you ever created a list of the best and most automated processes? With the aim of providing the service of your home to improve? To relieve the employees? To offer completely new services that would not be possible without automation? And the sub-area of ​​e-business, e-commerce (electronic commerce).

You will find the following support:

Selection of a contemporary property management system that fits your house and requirements. Preparation of tender specifications and tendering.

Examine the relevant processes in the following areas

  • Offering
  • Selling
  • Producing
  • Billing
  • and recommendations for automation.

Evaluation of new offers in the market. Whether they are useful for you and if so how should a successful implementation be done.