The modern valuation (review) management for hotels

The modern valuation (review) management for hotels

Evaluate, influence and use guest ratings

What you learn in the seminar:

 Why guest opinions have a much greater impact on your sales than you might think. How do I avoid the “break in the net”? How do you react when everything happens?  How to send reviews from well-being guests.

These are the topics:

  • Why do our guests evaluate the impact of your valuations on your sales performance?
  • What are assessment assistants and how can they support the daily work?
  • How to respond to complaints online and personally.
  • How assessment and complaint management influence the quality strategy?
  • The influence of guest evaluations on the purchase decision. How do I encourage guests to evaluate?
  • How to respond professionally to public criticism or praise.
  • Ratings as a marketing tool
  • The four levels in valuation management: objectives and tasks


The seminar is intended for these participants:

Employees and managers at the front desk, in marketing or reservations, who need to deal with complaints and assessments.


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