The website as the best seller for hotels and other hosts

The website as the best seller for hotels and other hosts

 Your website should be your best seller and therefore bossy. A well-managed website requires attention, knowledge, professional content, and dialogue strategy. There are already hotels that generate up to 50% of your complete overnight stays via their homepage. Different components play together: The perfect concept for your operating type, the right software or the optimal service provider, content, dialogue, and purchase paths to the target group.

They understand the most important relationships between the search and bookings of their guests, recognize what your website has to say to Google, so that the search engine brings the right guests and how to make visitors and buyers.

Seminar content:

  • The development of the internet and why a professional website is a must for any business.
  • Daily maintenance and updating: What are content management systems, how do I choose the right one? What does a good content management system cost?
  • Found in search engines, what do I have to look out for? How can I check if my service provider does a good job?
  • Make success measurable. Which key figures belong to the management.
  • Reporting
  • Integration of shops and possibilities to buy directly online (voucher sale and online booking).
  • When the homepage is online, the work is really going on. The right concept for updatingyour page  and search engine optimisation.
  • How do I increase my visit frequency and stay on my site? How do we convert visitors to buyers?

Duration: 1 day

Target group: entrepreneurs and executives (customer contact, communication, marketing, sales) from hotels, restaurants, or related service industries.
As an In-house Seminar

This seminar is also suitable as a seminar & workshop for an in – house seminar. It gives the entire team of management, reservation, sales, and e – commerce the basic knowledge that helps to avoid expensive mistakes in the strategy, the procurement of software, or the sales strategy.

Before conducting this seminar as an in – house event, we analyze the situation and the need for action in your company and collect the participants exactly where you are.

 Request a tailor-made offer.

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