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Understanding a patchwork of digital tools in the hotel industry

The good news is that there are countless tools that are also designed to make the life of hoteliers easier in the areas of sales, marketing, order taking, customer loyalty and customer communication, success measurement, revenue management, conversion optimization or content distribution and social media. The bad news is that the range of products is confusing. One hurdle is often the extremely expensive interfaces to the front office software and a transparent service overview and above all service differentiation is also not available.

A new seminar about the digital helpers of the hotel industry by Gabriele Schulze helps to create transparency, to develop an own requirement profile and thus to make better tool decisions.

Together we first determine which participants already have experience with which tools. Afterwards, the most important types of tools and their typical functions are introduced and critical risk factors are named.

These tool types are discussed:

  • Evaluation / review assistants. They are available stand alone or in combination with digital guest folders or campaign management systems.
  • Campaign management systems, CRM tools, e-mail marketing tools and correspondence wizards. There are also different providers. Some link campaign management with evaluation wizards and others with offer wizards or correspondence managers.
  • Revenue management apps that help to analyse booking behaviour, forecasts and pick-ups and facilitate daily price decisions.
  • Guest information systems/guest management systems or simply digital guest folders. Sometimes these providers also support self check-in or self check-out processes or VOIP telephony and other services that guests may find interesting.
  • Conversion rate optimizers to improve the selling power of the website and the different types of content management tools.
  • MICE Web Booking Engines, Voucher Shops and Table Reservation Tools


Experienced service providers or well-trained employees are a prerequisite for success

Frequent success-critical factors are above all the lack of trained employees for the respective topics. Unfortunately, a campaign management tool does not replace a communication expert for ‘One To One Marketing’ and a content management tool requires editors who are sure of the text.

When introducing new tools, it must also be very clear what the objectives are. If clear goals cannot be formulated, it is impossible to create a requirement profile and identify the perfect provider.

The next seminar of this kind:
Tools and Apps for Marketing and Sales.
06.05.2020 | 09 until 13 pm, organized by the HNS Academy
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Also bookable as in-house seminar for hotels, tourist organisations or locations

This seminar can also be booked as an in-house seminar and is very useful if you want to develop your digital agenda for Reservation – E-Business – Marketing and Revenue Management.

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