Service and trust – the sales boosters in the digital age

Service and trust – the sales boosters in the digital age

An entertaining lecture for entrepreneurs who want to make the best use of digitalisation.

For entrepreneurs, it is a daily task to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks. Concepts have never been as obsolete as they are today. Never before have customers changed the way they look and procure so dramatically. It has never been so clear: What you can digitize will be digitized

What small and medium businesses can learn from Google, Facebook, and Amazon. What do we have to do to adjust our marketing and sales strategies?

  • Why are classic marketing and sales methods increasingly losing their impact?
  • Why new doors are open for customer acquisition and retention, and you just have to go through it! From blogs, social networks, and reviews!
  • What is a “digital company” and why it must be maintained as well as the real company.
  • Why the success of any marketing measures is measurable and the care of the digital company is just as important as the development of the real business.
  • Why customer testimonials are a gift and why it is not good if no opinions are found about your company.
  • How other industries have already been revolutionized and how you can benefit directly from your communication. Today, campaign management and the procurement of creative services are taking place in the age of global concepts.


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