Keynote lecture: This is how digitization works!

Why every company should plan its “digi strategy” now”.

We are at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  Analog techniques and methods are being digitalized. There are hardly any industries that are not affected. New technologies like the Internet of Things, Augmented Realiy and artificial intelligence have been invented long ago. In more and more areas, new technologies set new standards and allow new business models. However, the fear of the new and perhaps a little comfort blocks many entrepreneurs. If the competition is more open or if completely new players enter their own market, things quickly become tight. So stay open and, above all, stay up to date.

The contents of this 60 minute presentation:

  • The difference between automation and digitization
  • What goals should digitization pursue?
  • Which digitization approaches will prevail in your industry?
  • What do IOT, AR, VR, AI or Biga Data stand for and why should every entrepreneur understand these inventions?
  • What questions should a company ask itself to find its own strategy?
  • The 8 steps to developing your digital agenda
  • Why does change often not feel good?

Target group: entrepreneurs, specialists and managers of SMEs. It fits best at association conferences and company meetings, tourism days or specialist forums. It is tailored to your industry.

This lecture can be realized as presence or as online lecture.

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