So goes direct sales today

So goes direct sales today

One issue which has a major influence on the profitability of a host company is the development of bookings through external sales partners such as online travel agencies. The changes in the market are fast. The prize money is passé, intermediaries and hoteliers are looking for concepts to win the digital guest for themselves.

Sophisticated Web Booking Engines and modern content management systems also enable the individual hotel industry to offer professional and, above all, measurable marketing opportunities in the battle for the booking route. The risk of price competition between the hotel industry and its sales partners is increasing. The mediators ensure a reasonable range, but it is important to avoid dependencies. The listeners of this lecture will understand what the agents are doing in the fight for the booking guest and where the niches are for the hotel. A sticker on the door or button on the website does not make a direct booking yet.

  • This is how you are booked. Sales strategies for the digital guest. Without the right infrastructure, it is not possible. If the foundation is laid, the imagination has no limits.
  • Are the general price advantages in direct sales the right strategy? What wise alternatives are there? What other advantages can the hotel use rather than a mediator?
  • Improvement of conversion and the new key figures in digital distribution. Smart marketing programs and skilled communication with existing guests, regular visitors, and new customers.

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