“Your impulse: innovative and motivating”

“Your impulse: innovative and motivating”

I have heard hundreds of industry lectures in my 20-year-old hotel runway, and I had the feeling that everyone is talking the same, without pep, without heartbreak and without enthusiasm, and everyone is talking about the heat up around.

Until yesterday, you have spoken to me so well and filled the lecture with life and competence, which is what is in the hotel industry. It was a great pleasure for me to listen to you. They live in hotel industry, they show opportunities, hardly at all one thinks, “You taught the participants yesterday to trust themselves, and not just to kiss, how many colleagues do that in our industry, if the customer is threatened with order.

Dear Mrs. Schulze, I know your lecture yesterday was the most innovative and most motivating of all, and I can say that I always listen to you heartily.


Thomas Dohmen, www.dorint.com/neuss

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