10 theses (and reasons) why the website should be as professional as the company itself:

10 theses (and reasons) why the website should be as professional as the company itself:

10 theses (and reasons) why the website should be as professional as the company itself:


  1. Most companies have more virtual, than real visitors. Visitors on the internet decide whether or not they want to become real visitors or guests.
  2. From the professionalism and quality of the website, the performance of the company itself is closed. In other words, from a weak, obsolete, non-informative homepage, a company with an outdated concept and few innovative products is closed.
  3. Internet users do not like media breaks. What I like on the internet, I would also like to buy on the internet. A missing shop is like a decorated shop window without a store door. Internet users visiting our site give us time. We should value this time with meaningful information, short paths, simple, and convenient ways to advice or purchase opportunities.
  4. For more people, companies that are not easily findable online are no longer present in the market. Everything is researched at least online before. Your customers are informed online and are buying offline in your store or restaurant.
  5. Expansion is easier on the internet than in the real world. The new “Landing Page” for a new business area is set up faster than a new shop in the pedestrian zone. Market tests, consumer behavior, demand etc. can be measured and evaluated quickly and inexpensively on the internet. My Marketing Tip: First test online, then expand real.
  6. A website is not sleeping. A good homepage is always available for interested parties and customers for research purposes regarding the industry, the company, its services, and background information. Generating knowledge means generating more value. This supports customer loyalty.
  7. Nothing is as easy to measure as the success of a website. Companies that do not conduct any market research can also measure the user behaviour on their website, where the greatest interest is or which new topics should be addressed.
  8. Also your most important stock customers, search your company today via Google and no longer in the phone book. Not to be found is simply a bad service.
  9. No one sells your products and services as cheaply as your own website. Your website works 24 hours for you and without an hourly fee.

The mobile internet sets new standards for the companies that have supposedly found their customers by the good location in the pedestrian zone. Smartphone, location-based services and communities are changing visitor flows. If you do not know, you will sink into anonymity.



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