Gabriele Schulze

Gabriele Schulze

Fend off cyber threats

Cyberattacken abwehren

Defend against cyber threats Cyberattacks are more common (and usually more expensive) than traditional burglary. Most hotels are probably insured against classic theft, and video cameras and security locks are designed to prevent break-ins. But what about the IT landscape?…

Consulting Marketing and Distribution

Grafik distribution

Following the analysis and development of optimisation possibilities, a one-day workshop with management and staff concludes the project. We recommend the exact workshop topics (in addition to answering open questions from the strengths and weaknesses analysis) after the first part…

How your website is found well

Hotel webseite

  10 tips on how your website can be found better Some voices shout that the homepage, or rather the website, has its best days behind it. After all, Google has long since offered better information compilations “live” from the…